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Check out Curtis Eller, on Buckeye #113, playing a killer new song called Radiation Poison off of his soon to be released album, Poison Melody - be sure to check it out!

Welcome to Buckeye Banjos!

I strive to create the highest quality open-back banjos possible - in tone, playability, and looks.

Notice: Buckeye Banjos is no longer taking custom orders.

Unfortunately, I've had to stop taking custom orders.  I wasn't able to keep up with demand and my order list had grown to almost four years.  As soon as I finish the remaining custom orders (~2019) I plan to hit the reset button and switch things up a little.  I hope to focus more on making banjos of my own design, probably a mix of minimally ornamented banjos, classic, turn of the century inspired banjos, and some contemporary nature inspired creations, which I will offer for sale through this website, the Buckeye Banjos Facebook page, and the Buckeye Banjos Mailing List.  

Bucke​ye Banjos

Buckeye Banjos Stickers!

After a long wait the new stickers are finally available and I'm super excited about how they turned out!  If you want to show your support for Buckeye Banjos please contact me and I'll send you a couple...if you want a specific color or colors, just let me know.

The design was originally inspired by an old Verve Records logo, and then my buddy Nancy Jurek, who was helping digitize the images, had the fabulous idea to continue the rip off and use color combos from old Verve Record labels as well.  They turned out so well we decided to print them all!

Get on the Buckeye Banjos Mailing List !

If you'd like to get a heads up when banjos become available (before they are advertised publicly!), please contact me and I'll add you to the Mailing List.  Also, I occasionally help people selling used Buckeyes and post their banjos on this list.​

Buckeye Banjos Bridges

One foot cherry design!

Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath


It's spring!