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I strive to make the highest quality Open-Back Banjos possible - in Tone, Playability, and Looks

Cast Bronze Tailpieces and Cherry Bridges for sale

​Intr​oducing the three Standard Models

Buckeye Banjos Stickers

If you would like to show your support for Buckeye Banjos and the art of handcrafted banjos, just contact me and I'll send you a couple of the fantastic new stickers...if you want a specific color or colors, just let me know.


- Slotted Peghead

- Slotted 5th

- Dobson Tone Ring


​- Brass Scoop Plate

- Aged Brass Hardware

- Skin Head

I'm excited to finally be able to offer three Standard Model Buckeyes!  I've stripped them down to what I consider a beautifully simple and elegant design, inspired in part from the early minstrel banjos of James Ashborn.  I've designed the three models to each have a slightly different look and tone, but also to hold together as a "family" with a similar overall feel.  A more detailed rundown of their specs, limited customizations and pricing is on the Standard Models page...just click on one of the banjo photos below or use the menu at the top of the page.​

 ​Buckeye Banjos

Featured Video

Check out Nathan Bowles on Buckeye #101 playing Burnt Ends Rag.  I think this was the first slot head I ever made and it was the inspiration for the S100.

Buckeye Bridges

One foot cherry design

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- Buckeye Peghead

- Rolled Brass Tone Ring


​- Brass scoop Plate

- Aged Brass Hardware

- Skin Head


- Square Peghead

- Wood Tone Ring


- Brass Scoop Plate

- Aged Brass Hardware

- Skin Head