Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath

 ​Buckeye Banjos


I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who has ever gotten a banjo from me - I truly appreciate your trust in me!

~​Playing the hell out of my banjo these days!  It's really great man.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it holds up on the road.  You are a talented man sir! Scott Avett (The Avett Brothers)

~Got the banjo and love it!  I've been playing it daily...she's perfect. -  Hubby Jenkins (The Carolina Chocolate Drops)

~LOVE the buckeye, thanks so much again...this baby is gold, means so much, will make you proud. -  Kurt Vile

~I'm thrilled with my new Buckeye Banjo.  It's graceful and elegant to look at and every joint is perfectly fitted...it's a real solid feeling instrument.  The tone is remarkable in that it has that deep dry thump but with just a hint of sparkle (which I think a banjo should have).  ...it's amazingly well balanced from the low end all the way up the neck.  It's very powerful and will cut through in a big jam, but when I play it solo a whole other personality comes out.  -  Chris Coole

~I very sincerely mean everything I said about this being the sound I've always imagined.  It's almost spooky how close this is to the sound that's been in my head.  I've been playing it non-stop and discovering new things everyday.  The evenness of the tone is unbelievable.  I can't wait to get this thing onstage and in the studio!  I'm also noticing so many little sculptural details (like the slightly flared heel).  It's such a beautiful object, I think I would love it even if I was deaf.  -  Curtis Eller (Curtis Eller's American Circus)

~I had spent all summer sort of wishing that I'd magically run into the banjo of my dreams - somebody once told me that finding an instrument was a bit like falling in love.  I was ready to play an instrument that really inspired me, that really expressed how I felt, playing this music.  I am so glad that after falling for banjo #050 at Clifftop, I decided to follow my impulse.  This is such a versatile banjo; it's sweet and deep, and at the same time with a little bit of punch to it.  Exactly what I need, as I explore all the different sorts of banjo music and approaches there are out there.  It's an instrument that inspires me to play more, to play better, to play with other people.  -  Anna Roberts-Gevalt (Anna & Elizabeth)

~Buckeye Banjo 101, which I've been lucky enough to own and play since 2010, has transformed both my approach to the instrument in particular and my approach to music making in general. My own solo compositions and work with The Black Twig Pickers would be impossible without the possibilities that such a piece of craftsmanship unlocks. Greg's attention to sonic clarity and aesthetic austerity resonates with my own tendencies towards purity and simplicity; #101 is the only banjo I play and record with these days, and the instrument's sturdiness and playability allows me to apply its rich tonal colors to the large variety of projects I'm involved with. I cannot imagine my current career in music without this instrument by my side. - Nathan Bowles (Black Twig Pickers, Steve Gunn, Pelt)

~I have the great fortune of owning two Buckeye Banjos.  One is a fretless and all walnut.  It is rich and thumpy there's a strong low end with enough power that it can hold its own in a jam.  I love it.  Greg managed to capture exactly what i was looking for.  My second one was an impulsive buy, but there was really something special about the tone, a nice sparkle but with a thick woody middle.  It drew me in.  And its totally gorgeous.  Greg really knows how to accent the beauty of the wood.  Its also easy to play, all over the neck.  Between these two instruments I can get any kind of clawhammer sound that I've ever tried to find.  I've never seen or heard a banjo that I'd rather play than my Buckeye(s).- Joe Overton (Nora Jane Struthers)

~To be honest I'm mostly a fan of the old Vegas but this instrument has a sound all its own - a very dry plunk with lots of low end but plenty of clarity and volume as well...carefully crafted with a very tasteful melding of old school lines and proportions and Greg's own personal touches.  In big jams, it effortlessly cuts through everything, proving to be a top rate contender in the world of contemporary old-time banjos. -  Mark Schatz (Clare Lynch BandNickel Creek)

~This banjo has tremendous presence, volume, authority and character.  It's got a clear, hollow tone with an underlying sweetness in the high end and a full, compelling growl on the low notes.  Slides end up as loud and full on the end note as they were on the picked note with plenty of sustain.  The sound is extremely well balanced from string to string and it plays flawlessly up the neck.  Perfect for round peak style - it's voice brings Kyle Creed's best instruments and playing to mind - and it works just as well for two and three finger picking.  The details of workmanship are superb, and it has an understated elegance in its materials and ornamentation, with tasteful inlay enhancing rather than distracting from the whole visual effect.  I guess I kinda like it. -  Craig Edwards

~Wow, I'm almost speechless.  The sound and playability are fantastic and the craftsmanship is at a whole different level than any banjo I've played before.  The inlays are GEORGEOUS, as is the wood and the finish, and little things like the dressing on the fret ends (the cleanest and smoothest I've ever seen) and those tuner nuts.  Thank you, thank you.  Anyway, I'm absolutely delighted and overwhelmed. -  John Salmon

~I can't tell you how perfectly this banjo fits me, I really love it! You have obviously played the banjo, so I don't have to tell you how it sounds, but I can tell you the one thing that I am the most excited about, is that it has such a presence when noted, I can really get both a subtle or a strong note out of it without any effort, but it still sounds very melodical and smooth when strummed! I have never experienced that to this extent with any other banjo before...this banjo has really opened up my thinking of how I play the banjo, even after just have been playing it for an hour! I think it turned out lovely looking as well, you can tell the quality! And it's actually setup perfectly for me too exactly the way it came! String height over the playing area and fingerboard are perfect for me!- Maximilian Hult

~F***ing sweet!  -  Drew Gildea

~I am still at a loss for words.  I just want you to know that I have never felt this good about owning anything before, even that pirate ship I had when I was a kid.  I feel like I was wearing mittens playing the banjo I had before.  I'm already doing stuff I never knew I could, and the path to what I need to learn next is clearer and more encouraging than ever.  Tone is unbelievable, and very distinctly different from each other (he bought a pair of banjos, walnut and maple).  Both of them are absolutely beautiful both in terms of design, materials (what beautiful wood!) and workmanship.  The photos on your website, while very impressive, don't really do your banjos justice by a long stretch.  In short, I'm ecstatic about them.  The love you put into making them is plain to see and hear and feel. -  Jan Salmonnson

~It's been a month to the day since I picked up my banjo.  I've had opportunity to play it now in various tunings, settings, and situations.  Let me tell you...I'm very pleased!  I am amazed at the consistency of volume and tone across strings and up and down the neck.  It'll allow you to pick it as softly as you please or stand up and bark amongst a bunch of deranged Martin pickers, all without a loss of tone.  Also amazing is the different range of "styles/attitudes" I've found I can get out of this banjo.  It's also the most comfortable banjo I've ever picked up.  Like I told ya, coming up to your shop to pick up the banjo was almost as exciting as bringing my son home from the hospital when he was born!  This is my dream banjo and it's definitely found a permanent home. Thanks for taking the time and care to make this wonderful instrument.  It's only been a month and I've already got my money's worth out of it! -  Mike Elliott

~I had been searching for the right banjo for some time.  After playing many different instruments, I still yearned for the perfect one for me.  With all the banjos I had played, there was something missing, either in the sound, the feel, or the build.  Finally I discovered Buckeye Banjos.  After combing the galleries on many a late night I was compelled to do the scary.  I purchased a banjo without ever playing it.  Let me say, it was a decision I will never regret.  My Buckeye Banjo is the most beautifully crafted instrument with a sound that resonates some inner emotions.  Every note is articulated perfectly and seems to jump off this instrument.  The craftmanship is inspiring.  Every time I pick it up I'm reminded of how folks find their true calling, which makes this world a better place.  Undoubtably, Greg has followed his.  -  Jamie Krapolh

OMG. It’s amazing. Your craftsmanship is amazing. I’m at a loss for adulatory adjectives, which is pretty darned pathetic since I’m supposed to be a writer. Just aggregate all the praise you’ve received for your previous 168 banjos, double it, and that’s how happy I am with No. 169.  Thank you! - Peter Lewis