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 ​Buckeye Banjos

Buckeye Tailpieces

Intermediate in length, between No-Knot tailpieces and heavy resonator banjo tailpieces, like Waverlys and Kershners, these tailpieces increase the projection and note clarity of your banjo without significantly increasing its brightness.  By increasing the angle of the strings over the bridge, which increases the pressure on the tailpiece, they add a little pop, or punch, to your banjo while also slightly increasing the volume - they work great at balancing the mellowness of a skin head!

The tailpieces are my own design, but highly influenced by classic, late 19th century, designs.  They are cast in small batches using a lost wax casting technique and are available in raw bronze, which matches raw brass hardware, antiqued bronze, which matches antiqued brass hardware, nickel plated.  They are 1 1/4" long with a 1" long tail, so they can be used with deeper rims, and weigh approximately 21g (28g with the bolt and nut).  The front opening is large so that strings can easily be fed under the front bar, and there is a deep groove on the posts where the looped string ends fit to minimize the strings popping off during string changes. 

Note:  These tailpieces are cast, not machined like most tailpieces, so they have a warm, organic, feel to them, however this also means there may be small irregularities in their surface due to the casting process.  


Raw Bronze:  $50

Antiqued Bronze: $55

Nickel Plated: $55

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​​Don't take my word for it - check out what some happy customers have to say

​~I installed it on the Rickard Maple Ridge right away. From the first note there was a noticeable difference in tone. Namely projection. The nice mellow low end is still the dominant feature but there is definitely an added clarity and projection coming from the high end. A certain POP exists that wasn’t there before. I have been very pleased with the over all tone of this banjo since I installed the thin goat skin head. However there was a brightness that was compromised. The notes were a little bit muddy, sort of blending together without a lot of clarity. I was willing to live with this mostly because I prefer a deeper low end and mellower tone but I did notice myself having trouble cutting through the mix in the small ensemble setting. I think this new tailpiece solves the problem! It creates a perfect balance. 
The tailpiece is also a huge improvement on bridge stability. I found that with the no-knot tailpiece I didn’t have enough downward pressure on the bridge to keep it from occasionally floating around when it got bumped. Now the bridge is solid!
Aside from the tonal qualities the most immediate and obvious difference is aesthetic. The tail piece is the perfect balance of old classic banjo stylings and modern retro design. It is a vast improvement from the plain old no-knot. The aged bronze is a perfect match to the hardware too! So cool!  

- Johnny Bell (Cloacas)

​~I absolutely love it! Great job, my man!  - Mike Chew (Dogwood Banjos)

~I decided to put the new brass tailpiece on my 12" Enoch Dobson. I had a Fielding tailpiece on it, and it sounded great, but after putting your new brass tailpiece on, it sounds even richer, and fuller from the extra down pressure your tailpiece provides, and... it looks great!- OJ