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~The banjo is incredible. I’ve already posted some stuff about it on Instagram. My brother is a custom craftsman and I showed it to him and he was very impressed. It sounds amazing. I’ve already written one or two song demos with it. Anyway thanks again and great working with ya.  - Michael Bain(Sun June)

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B100 Specs

​Rim Diameter: 11" or 12"

Peghead: Square or Traditional (+$100)

Wood: Walnut or Curly Maple (+$100)

Tone Ring:  Rolled Brass (5/16")

Head: Renaissance

Heel: Fairbanks

Fingerboard: Rocklite

Peghead Overlay: Rocklite

Trim Wood: Rocklite

Scale Length: 25-1/2"

Neck Length: 19"

Fretboard Width: 1-1/4" @ nut & 1-15/16" @ rim

Rim Depth: 3"

Rim Thickness: 7/16"

Hardware: Aged Brass

Tuners: Gotoh (aged brass)

Number of Hooks: 18

L-Shoes: Butterfly

Tailpiece: Buckeye

Tuner Buttons: Ebony

Scoop: Above 17th fret with Brass Scoop Plate stamped BUCKEYE (let me know if you don't want a Scoop Plate)

Inlay: Mother-of-Pearl Position dots (3mm) & Side dots

Neck Reinforcement: Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod

B100 Pricing

B100 Banjo: $2500


     -If paying with credit card add 3%

     -Case (Saga HS brown bump case): $100

     -Banjos can be shipped worldwide - shipping covered by customer.

     -Virginia residents required to pay 5.3% VA sales tax...sorry

 ​Buckeye Banjos

Buckeye B100

Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath

B100 Ordering Info

The B100 is the base model Buckeye, however it is far from basic.  I stripped this model down to its essential elements in order to give it a simple, elegant feel with the focus being on the wood and hardware.  It's L-shoes and tailpiece are my own custom designs that are sand cast giving them a soft, organic feel, and then aged to a beautiful dark patina.  It also comes with a Brass Scoop Plate, inspired by Henry Dobson's late 19th century banjos, into which I hand stamp BUCKEYE. 

This banjo has a beautiful well balanced sound and has a warm round tone with a solid low end, but also a nice crisp high end with plenty of projection making it able to perform well in any playing situation - from a solo session on your porch, to fiddle banjo duets, to larger band and jam situations and or even playing for crazed square dances.  The Walnut version will have a slightly mellower tone than the Maple version.

If you would like to order one, just contact me and let me know.  The current wait time for a B100 is in the 8-12 month range.

The detailed specs for this banjo are listed below and are set - no customizations (except the rim size, wood and peghead).  Closeup photos are shown below (although without the scoop plate) and sound clips should be coming soon.