6/20:  Custom Banjo Update

I want to thank everyone for the great response to the opening of the Custom Banjo list!  Unfortunately, because of all the new orders, I'm going to have to close the Custom List again.  I will continue to take orders for the three new Standard models, though, which are able to be slightly customized.  Thanks as always for your tremendous support, I continue to be blown away by everyone's interest in Buckeye Banjos.

7/20:  Standard Model Update

In my continuing quest to come up with a system which will be simple for folks to understand and increase my efficiency, I decided to change things up yet again.  I now realize that I way over-thought the three Standard Models approach, and now understand that it makes more sense to simply offer one base model banjo with no customizations along with the Custom Buckeyes.  The semi-customizable banjos ended up just being some kind of mushy in between that weren't really custom, but not really standardized either...and it was just confusing!

So, for now the Custom list is still closed, but I am going to take orders for the brand new B100.  I re-thought the B100, and now it features a brass tone ring and a Renaissance head, which reduced it's price and also made it a much more versatile instrument.  This combination of specs, 12" walnut with a Renaissance head and a rolled brass tone ring, has been my go-to combination for years and what my current banjo is, so I know it is a great sounding setup.

 â€‹Buckeye Banjos

Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath
6/20:  Three New Standard models are finally here

After 14 years of full time banjo making, I'm excited to say that I am finally offering three Standard Models.  I had always planned on offering standard models, but got so busy with custom orders that I never got around to it.  I'm very happy with these banjos and feel that the wait was well worth it. I hope you like them as much as I do!

I'm also happy to announce that after closing my Custom Order list close to five years ago in order to catch up on orders, I am finally able to reopen it.  I want to thank everyone who has been so patient waiting on me and my glacial pace of banjo making!