Custom Banjo Gallery

Here are some photos of some of my most recent custom creations - click on thumbnails for larger images.

Buckeye #187

This curly maple banjo was commissioned by Cajun musician Jon Bertrand, of the Pine Leaf Boys, and features a half-fretless brass plate, long backstrap and an engraved Griffin (one of my favorite inlays) on the back of the peghead.  Jon is currently attempting to re-integrate clawhammer banjo into Cajun music!

Buckeye #191

This walnut slothead banjo was commissioned by drone musician John Kolodij, who records as High aura'd, and features a slotted 5th string, the new BUCKEYE stamp on the scoop plate and the new Waverly tuners with brass buttons. It also has a beautiful heel inlay of a perched crow, inspired by an vintage Japanese woodblock print.

Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath

Buckeye #186

This curly maple banjo was commissioned by an avid Appalachian Trail hiker and features a Lady's Slipper on the peghead and a Poison Ivy vine on the fretboard, as well as a walnut heart on the heel inlayed from a piece of wood from her family farm.

 ​Buckeye Banjos

Custom Banjos

Unfortunately, at this time, I am not taking new Custom Banjo orders due to high demand.  As soon as I am able to work through my current orders, I will re-open the Custom List.  If you are interested in planning your Custom Buckeye, you can start with the B100, and simply add options.  Pricing for the various options as well as photos of some past Custom Buckeyes you can use for inspiration are below...the slide show on the Home page is also a great place to get ideas.   

Custom Options


   Traditional peghead: +$100

   Slotted peghead:  +$200

   Slotted 5th:  +$100

   Scoop plate w/stamped BUCKEYE:  +$150

   Skin head (goat):  +$100

   Extra veneers under all trim wood:  +$100

​   Brass fretboard plate (for half-fretless):  +$250

   Backstrap:  +$250


   Fretless:  -$100

   Raw Brass Hardware:  -$100

   Nickel Hardware:  -$150

   11" rim:  no charge

   Dobson heel:  no charge


   Figured maple:  +$50

   Cherry:  no charge

Tone rings

   Wood:  no charge

   Dobson:  +$175

   Whyte Laydie:  +$175

Inlay Work

   Design:  $25/hr

   Inlay (cutting, filing, inlaying):  $30/hr

   Engraving:  $35/hr

Feel free to ask about other custom options not listed here.