Don't take my word for it - check out what some happy customers have to say!

~Once I started using one of your bridges, I immediately noticed that my banjo had a “woodier tone”. That’s not to say that it was darker - it had a balanced tone and did not lose clarity, but was warmer....not overly shrill. Using your bridge has enabled me to tighten my head a bit and dampen it less, giving me a nice, balanced tone with plenty of volume. Thank You!- Mark Olitsky

~Your bridge arrived yesterday!  I've been playing it all day and it sounds great!  I'm really surprised by the difference it makes.  I've experimented with bridges before and noticed some difference, but never this much (I guess the solid-foot design is the secret).  The volume and sustain are greatly improved as is the balance between the strings, which is most welcome since I play so many closed cord positions.  Thanks so much! - Curtis Eller

~Man, I tell ya, your bridges are amazing! Had a Katz Eyez with the pinned top - man that thing turned up the volume from the generic bridge that was on there.  Then I tried a Sampson walnut - that thing really improved the bass end, but no considerable improvement in "tonal quality".  So, then comes your bridge.  Damned, if it didn't make this banjo sound sooo sweet!  I don't know what you are doing there, but keep it up.  As far as I'm concerned I've found the best! Moss

~The bridge arrived today and I am simply blown away with the amazing difference that it makes.  There is a dramatic difference in the volume and tone - it's like I've got a whole new banjo! Noah

​~Got the bridge last week and I've been trying it out.  ... it sounds cool.  A little more balanced across the strings and rounder sounding, and surprisingly, possibly louder than my McPeake.  The stability of the design has been keeping my banjo in tune better.  A surprise is the increase in sustain.  My banjo already had a lot, and now it's like the Les Paul of banjos.  I can actually hold a double stopped country bend for a couple of beats.  Thanks!!Sam Guthridge (Chester River Runoff)

~Just wanted to let your know again that you're definitely 2 for 2 with the bridges on my two banjos.  I took your bridge off and put a Snuffy Smith on before our gig Friday.  I was asked "what the f*** is wrong with your banjo" after about 30 sec of warming up... loosened my strings and put your bridge back on.  Nice work, once again. Sam Guthridge

~The bridge I got from you is so wonderful, I want to order three more.  Thanks Greg, you are on to something really good!- Mary

~Wow! I’ve never seen another bridge like this. I love the way your bridges look! Really beautiful aesthetic and craftsmanship. I always go for the ‘heavy’ weight bridge but I feel like you're the first maker to actually achieve a true ‘heavy’ bridge. I was immediately aware of an incredible tonal difference. The low end response and presence is suddenly a dominant feature in the tonal range of this banjo. I am blown away! The harsh bright overtones are now absent and she has a much deeper, warmer and woody voice but without loosing any of her volume or clarity. One thing that surprised me is the even volume across all the strings. Also when playing up and down the neck there are no more “dead spots”. The volume and clarity is equal on all strings at all fret positions. Another pleasant surprise is the added sustain! Holly crap! The notes really carry! Sustain is something I have always strived for in the banjo!  With your help I’ve finally achieved the sound I’ve always hoped for from this banjo. Thank you!- Johnny Bell (Cloacas)

~I finally got a chance to put my new bridge on over the weekend and the banjo finally started to sound the way I've been wanting it to.  The whole banjo just sounds more resonant and warm and inviting with the new bridge on it.  And a cherry base looks fantastic with the cherry neck.Adam
Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath

 ​Buckeye Banjos

​​​Buckeye Bridges
The bridge is one of the most critical elements of any banjo.

I use a solid foot design for my bridges.  This design provides the bridge continuous contact with the banjo head for excellent sound transmission and reduces sagging of the bridge over time.  Additionally, this design provides an equal mass of wood under each string, like a violin bridge, creating an even, balanced response between strings.

Bridges are constructed of cherry with a Richlite tip. After a lot of experimenting with maple, walnut and cherry bridges of various weights, I found that, to my ear, cherry provided the most balanced tone - plenty of punch and clarity, but with a wonderful, warm, roundness to it. Richlite is a recycled paper product which is similar to ebony in color and density and most importantly is sustainable, unlike ebony which is becoming increasingly scarce. Additionally, Richlite doesn't chip out like ebony commonly does. 

I use a 1 25/32" (45mm) string spacing which is slightly wider than standard (1-11/16") and closer to Crowe string spacing (1-3/4").

​Bridges come in three weights; Standard, which provides a nice, balanced sound, Light, which brings out more of the high end, or Heavy, which tends to suppress the high end, leading to a mellower tone.

Bridges are available in any height, although 5/8" and 11/16" are the most common.

Bridges are $35 each, including shipping*. Add $10 for custom dimensions.

Just contact me and let me know what you are interested in...please include the following in your message:

​- Name
-Bridge height and weight
​-Address to ship bridge

​Orders are most easily paid for by credit card but we can also do checks, Paypal, Venmo etc....

For credit card payment, you will receive an email with an electronic invoice (Square)
to be paid securely with any major credit card.

*  International orders add $15 for additional shipping fees...sorry.