Banjo #131

11" black walnut, rosewood tone ring, fiberskyn head, brass scoop plate, brass heel cap and vintage advertising style inlay.

Banjo #144

12" black walnut, rolled brass tone ring, skin head, riveted brass peghead and scoop plate, brass dots and star fingerboard inlay.

Banjo Gallery

Here is a small collection of some of my favorite banjos.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge images.

Banjo #137

12" black walnut, rosewood tone ring, skin head, thin, deep rim, extended scoop plate with rivets, blued hardware, heel checkering, slotted 5th, dowel stick stars, red flesh hoop.

One of my favorite simple, industrial style banjos and one I experimented on with lots of new design elements.  Because of the extended scoop plate the neck was pushed up on the rim producing a nice low action over the frets but a super high action over the head and scoop which made it a lot fun to play.  I'm proud to say Kurt Vile now owns this banjo!

Banjo #135

11" black walnut fretless, rolled brass tone ring, skin head, brass scoop plate stamped "Say Little Darling", streaked ebony, and inlayed with several honeybees swarming around the horn of a Victrola.

Banjo #126

12" black walnut, rolled brass tone ring, skin head, brass scoop plate and classic Orpheum inspired inlay.

Banjo #133

12" black walnut, rolled brass tone ring, skin head and highly customized inlay.

Easily the most intricate and time consuming banjo I've ever made, with over 100hrs just in the inlay and engraving.  This banjo was commissioned by Scott Avett, who also designed the amazing inlay, and it is featured in the Avett Brother's video Morning Song.

Banjo #124

12" curly maple, Tubaphone tone ring, skin head, super deep rim (3 1/2"), long backstrap and classic engraved ornamentation.

This banjo features numerous engraved ornaments from some of the classic late 19th century makers, but mixed and matched into a combination that the owner liked.  The curly maple was some of the nicest I've seen and the Tubaphone tone ring combined with the deep rim gave it a deep, powerful sound.

Banjo # 150

11" cherry, rolled brass tone ring, skin head, thin, deep rim 

This banjo, dubbed the "Garden Banjo", features numerous engraved vegetables on the fretboard, hops on the peghead, a chicken on the heel, and many  earthworms around the rim cap...if you look close the earthworms have tiny smiling faces!

Banjo #100 (Banjeaurine)

11" slightly figured maple, rolled brass tone ring, skin head, short scale, extended fretboard, boat heel, and engraved Cole inlays.

This banjeaurine features my interpretations of various Cole inlays.  Just prior to starting this instrument I had the opportunity to spend some time in Doug Unger's shop and was inspired to take a few liberties with the engraving patterns ...which was a lot of fun.  I'm proud to say that Kathy Fink now owns this banjo!

Bucke​ye Banjos

Banjo #107

12" walnut, rolled brass tone ring, skin head, slot head, brass scoop plate and minimal inlay.

This banjo sounds great is my current main player.

Handcrafted by Greg Galbreath